About Belarus

Belarus is a beautiful country located in the very heart of Europe. It borders five other states. The regions bordering Poland are in the west of the country, the north-western part is close to Lithuania, in the north Belarusian territories border Latvia and Russia, in the south our country is close to the Ukraine and in the east and north-east – to Russia.

Officially the name of the country is the Republic of Belarus.

Belarus has been presidential republic since 1994 and now Alexander Lukashenko is the President. The official currency in the country is Belarusian ruble.

Belarus - the country with wide developing and supporting of agriculture at the state level.

The first and the largest city of Belarus is its capital Minsk which is quite a modern European city with almost two million people living there. It is a major transport hub of the country. There is an international airport, big railway and bus stations, the subway.


Minsk is the capital of Belarus and the biggest city in Belarus with 1,8 million inhabitants. Minsk is mentioned in script the first time about year 1067, which means that Minsk is older than European cities like Moscow and Stockholm. Big parts of Minsk was destroyed in the second world war and was rebuilt during the Soviet time. This means that Minsk has a lot of nice soviet-time architecture and city planning. Minsk is considered being one of the most sovietic cities of the former SSSR. Minsk is one of the least visited capitals of Europe among western tourists, which probably makes it more fun to go here. At the same time Minsk is a city that is really beatifull, both during summer when it houses a lot of nice street cafes and during the other three seasons. Those interested in culture may look forward to see ballet and opera performances of a very high class in Minsk. In addition to that Minsk has a lot of nice restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. In this travel guide you may read about attractions, restaurants, night life, shopping, accommodation and a lot of other interesting things.